Equipment Leader: Your New Authorized Dealer for Axiom Equipment Group in the United States

Panama City Beach, FloridaSeptember 28, 2023 – Equipment Leader is thrilled to announce our new partnership as an authorized dealer for Axiom Equipment Group in the United States. This exciting development marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing top-quality industrial equipment solutions to our valued customers.

As a respected player in the industrial equipment industry, Equipment Leader is dedicated to offering a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our partnership with Axiom Equipment Group solidifies our position as a premier source of dependable and efficient equipment in the U.S.

Axiom Equipment Group: A Leader in Industrial Equipment Solutions

Axiom Equipment Group is renowned for its innovative and reliable equipment designed to empower businesses across different sectors. From towable generators that deliver reliable power in challenging conditions to MegaTank Fuel Tanks that efficiently store and transport industrial liquids, Axiom Equipment Group’s products are built to enhance productivity, minimize operational risks, and save costs.

Our Expansive Product Portfolio

With Axiom Equipment Group’s support, Equipment Leader now offers an extensive product portfolio that includes:

  • Generators: From 14kW to 240kW, our generators are engineered to provide reliable, efficient, and robust power for industrial construction job sites and equipment rental fleets.

  • Fuel Tanks: Our efficient and versatile fuel storage solutions, such as the MegaTank Fuel Tanks, are designed to store and transport industrial and hazardous liquids, reducing operational risks and downtime.

  • LED Light Towers: Axiom Equipment Group’s Metrolite LED Light Towers are designed for efficient and safe job site illumination, catering to various applications with electric, hybrid, and diesel options.

Expert Guidance and Support

At Equipment Leader, we take pride in providing expert guidance and unparalleled support to our customers. Our experienced Account Managers are ready to assist you in selecting the right equipment to meet your specific industrial needs. We are committed to ensuring the success of your projects by offering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Media Contact: David Lide

For media inquiries and additional information, please contact:

David Lide Owner, Equipment Leader Email: Phone: 1-800-488-1782

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For inquiries, quotes, or to learn more about our extensive range of industrial equipment solutions, including generators, fuel tanks, and LED light towers, please contact Equipment Leader at 1-800-488-1782. We look forward to serving as your trusted partner in industrial equipment solutions.

Equipment Leader – Your Premier Authorized Dealer for Axiom Equipment Group in the United States!